One investment philosophy in different structures: UCITS funds and managed accounts.

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Howard Marks


Equity funds for European small- and mid-caps

We advise the “CCA European Opportunities UI” fund. This UCITS (undertakings for the collective investment of transferable securities) fund focuses on European small- and midcaps. The market caps of target companies are mostly between EUR 8bn and EUR 150m. The concentrated portfolio of 15 – 25 positions is marked by typical private equity value drivers, that usually play out over 2 – 4 years. Among others those are buy-and-build, deleveraging and corporate governance improvement.

The fund is available through all standard platforms and accessible through both an institutional (ISIN: DE000A2H7NR7) and a retail (ISIN: DE000A2DMV08) share class.

Daily factsheet I-class

Daily factsheet R-class

Further information such as prospectus for I-class

Further information such as prospectus for R-class

Managed accounts

Vehicles tailored to special investor needs

Certain groups of investors desire our investment approach in a different vehicle, with adjusted geographical or asset class focus. For tickets starting at EUR 25 million we offer managed accounts. When designing these, we make sure an investor’s special requirements are met perfectly. We have experience with off-shore and on-shore vehicles. Just ask for more information: