Interview with "Die Stiftung"

Interview with Alex in magazine for endowment funds "Die Stiftung - Magazin für das Stiftungswesen und Philanthropie"

Alex was recently interviewed by the magazine “Die Stiftung – Magazin für das Stiftungswesen und Philanthropie”. It’s a German publication directed towards endowment funds. They interviewed him within the column “Endowment Knowhow” on the topic of private equity secondaries. The interview was published in the February edition under the title “Mr. Nieberding, so what exactly are Secondaries?”. The magazine provided us with the article for our blog. Unfortunately it is only available in German. But if you’re really curious, just give us a ring and we will translate over the phone – how about that?

DIE STIFTUNG: “Secondaries” – that doesn’t sound first class. What exactly does it mean?

Alex Nieberding: In private equity the term “Secondaries” actually has two distinct meanings… continue